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John Viol Shihan travels around the world as a cultural ambassador representing and instructing authentic classical martial sciences. You or your group can bring much recognition by hosting / sponsoring an event presented by John Viol Shihan. Events presented by Viol Shihan generate much attention. Events are announced through a very large martial network. Participants at his events travel great distances to gain exposure to the unique technologies he can offer. The majority of participants are very senior level practitioners that know the value of the information being offered providing everyone in attendance with an outstanding experience.

Viol Shihan possesses specialized knowledge and historical truths that only a classically trained and menkyo licensed instructors can attain. This specialized information is not available to the common martial arts practitioner. Consider the opportunity to gain exposure to this type of information and learn from someone of this caliber who is willing to bring it to your location. All events are custom formatted and personalized by Viol Shihan and his assistants. John Viol Shihan is available for:


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