Classical Sogo Warrior Martial Sciences


ISBF International Sogobujutsu Sogobudo FederationThe International Sogo Budo Federation (ISBF) is a global organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of genuine, classical martial sciences. The ISBF promotes training, collaboration and cultural exchange throughout the world using these traditional martial sciences. The ISBF goal is to promote greater understanding of martial sciences by exploding the myths that surround public perceptions of martial arts by providing insight, advice, and resources for the martial science professional.

The ISBF is comprised of schools and training groups throughout the world that participate in information and training exchanges that provide a modern day equivalent to the ancient practice of mushashugyo - warrior travelling for training experience.

The ISBF exists to promote this exchange and facilitate martial sciences knowledge transfer. Sogobudo and Sogobujutsu are the principles that underline all of our training. Sogobujutsu/budo is a training axiom that emphasizes the martial or military aspects of training, rather than the artistic or sport elements.

The ISBF works coordinates with the Kokusai Sogobujutsu/budo Renmei - All Japan Sogobujutsu/budo Federation (AJSBF) and the Kokusai Sogobujutsu Renmei - International Martial Sciences Federation (IMSF) so that Shinbu and Junbu is preserved for all members.



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