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John Viol Dai Shihan Sogobujutsu Sogobudo Menkyokaiden

John Viol Shihan is the Seishinkan USA and Kyoto Japan chief instructor. John Viol Shihan began his martial sciences career in 1967. He lived in Japan and Okinawa for nearly 20 years while he trained, tested, and earned his martial science licensure. In 1991 at a special ceremony in Kyoto, John Viol was awarded the highest level proficiency license one can achieve in the classical martial sciences - the Menkyokaiden. He is currently celebrating his 42nd year of non stop hard core warrior training.

Viol Shihan was classically trained in bona-fide warrior martial sciences. His achievements in the martial sciences involved validation through the menkyosei - the original warrior licensure system. During his long stay in Japan, Viol Shihan also earned many very high rankings in several modern civilian / "Do" arts like Karatedo, Judo, Aikido, Kendo, etc. however, his involvement in those arts was primarily an exploratory and  information gathering process.

In an article by the Japanese press about Viol Shihan, it was stated that no other westerner has been responsible for or done more to promote and preserve the original classical warrior systems outside of Japan. It stated further that no other westerner has done more to open the doors for westerners to gain acceptance and exposure to the very reserved classical martial science systems.

In the coming days, much more information about John Viol Shihan and his remarkable career will be featured here. A great deal of information regarding John Viol Shihan is being received from many people around the world. As the information is sorted and organized, we will post some of the highlights here.

John Viol Dai Shihan Menkyokaiden
John Viol Shihan receiving Menkyokaiden in Kyoto Japan 1991

John Viol Shihan Martial Career Highlights
    Compiled by I. Noguchi

Classical martial AND modern tactical training is the true Warrior way
John Viol Martial Tactical Combat AR-15 Training
John Viol at Camp Perry shooting AR-15 by Knight's Armament

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John Viol Shihan In Person

John Viol Shihan travels around the world as a cultural ambassador representing and instructing authentic classical martial sciences. You or your group can bring much recognition by hosting / sponsoring an event presented by John Viol Shihan. Events presented by Viol Shihan generate much attention. Events are announced through a very large martial network. Participants at his events travel great distances to gain exposure to the unique technologies he can offer. The majority of participants are very senior level practitioners that know the value of the information being offered providing everyone in attendance with an outstanding experience.

Viol Shihan possesses specialized knowledge and historical truths that only a classically trained and menkyo licensed instructors can attain. This specialized information is not available to the common martial arts practitioner. Consider the opportunity to gain exposure to this type of information and learn from someone of this caliber who is willing to bring it to your location. All events are custom formatted and personalized by Viol Shihan and his assistants. John Viol Shihan is available for:

Interview With John Viol Shihan
By S. Patterson Ph.D

Battle Blog - Blog by John Viol Shihan

John Viol Shihan Japan Photos


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