Classical Sogo Warrior Martial Sciences

Michigan USA is now the mecca for all Sogobujutsu / Martial Science training - practical modern personal protection, self-defense, and tactical training classes

Michigan Personal Protection - Men - Warrior Women - Female Forces
Authentic Classical Yagyu Jujutsu - Core Samurai battleground training
Michigan Kenjutsu - Classical Japanese Swordsmanship
Toyama Ryu - Yagyu Ryu - Yagyu Shingan Ryu
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RIP Rest In Peace Martial "Arts"


Martial Tactical - The Reality Revolution

United States Martial Tactical Association

All Things Martial and Tactical

Bujin Houten Warrior Coding
Cover from the 5th edition printing of the book translated into English

"Arrogance and ignorance diminish wisdom" ~  Viol

Interview With John Viol Shihan
By S. Patterson Ph.D

Sogobujutsu - The Authentic Original Root Of All Japanese Martial Systems (PDF)

Sogobujutsu Article PDF< - Click to view the article in PDF format

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